Zone Bleue

Zone Bleue


Refracted electronics turn inwards to reveal dormant harmonies in a glistening musical spectrum: such is the path chosen by Amédée De Murcia’s Zone Bleue. Known for the dark and dissonant electronics of his Somaticae alter ego, as well as his part in duos Balladur (with Romain de Ferron) and OD Bongo (with C_C), Amédée probes an arena of minimalism that feels like a synthetic orchestra high on emotional turmoil, a musical interpretation of blue skies on a computer background, an AI trying and failing its non-hand at New York School comps, or an improbable nursery room vibe instigated by the touching silliness of machines wanting to emulate the warmth of trumpets, accordions or the human voice. Steve Reichian time stamps and Raymond Scottesque dreaminess take the listener surfing over waves of lapis-lazuli and ultramarine, going deep into a zone of scattered twilight. Perhaps Zone Bleue is just the soundtrack to some forgotten software that Somaticae found on an old hard drive; we might never see it live, but whatever we’re listening to lives its own life.


Artwork by Lou Buche
Design by Dylan Belgrado
Limited edition of 150
Mastered by Amédée De Murcia
Mixed by Amédée De Murcia
Music by Amédée De Murcia