Turning Dreams & Shifting Harbours

Overall, a musical journey that takes little persuading to pick you up but drops you off a long, long way from where you started out.

"Turning Dreams & Shifting Harbours" is a contribution to The Kidnapping Europe art project, which was initialized by Christina Clar and Peter Jap Lim. This is the resulting compilation of 16 exclusive musical contributions.


Co Published by Beau Rivage

1. Andi Schoon – Two Flagrances
2. James Merle Thomas – Ballad of Quecreek Mine
3. Wio – Yeah, The Bull Wants Some Fun
4. Jules Etienne – French Journey
5. Johen Briesen – Poppy Metal Mask
6. Jürgen Heckel – Minor Minos
7. Jan Thoben – Banana Peel
8. David Grubbs – A Parcel Of Land
9. Alexander Polzin – Smile
10. Andi Künnecke – Dreams Off
11. Luke Sutherland – Music for Creamie
12. Christophe Stoll – Start Today
13. Steve Roden – Giglio
14. Christof Kurzmann – Sinnphonie Aporique
15. Volker Zander – Trayeder
16. Hessen – Ballade Triste