Tout Ploie

We first heard the music of Paris-based Laurent Gérard when he forgot a demo-cdr in the tourvan of Jack Rose last year, and directly became one of our favourite French acts of the moment.

El-g makes a strange mix of French ballads and avant-garde song-writing. A pig-headed approach of the French language and ingenious arrangments are the core business of this dude. Tout Ploie is a compilation of both the best tracks from previously released cdr’s and new work. El-g appears as a sort of modern day miniature version of Serge Gainsbourg on this debut-lp. The female singer, Charlene Darling, who accompanies him throughout the most part of the record only makes this comparison more apt. Gérard has never been affraid to buy records of Lee Hazlewood and late Fleetwood Mac. He extracted the right ingredients from those records and added some genuine French sensuality.

“Tout Ploie” is the pop album that had to be made for a long time and doesn’t fear experiment with guest appearances of e.g. Ignatz, Phil Todd, Mim and Foxy De Man.


A1. Ixelles
A2. Tim Et Henri
A3. Al-Kado
A4. Du Beurre
A5. Hé Gros!
B1. Ce Russe Blanc
B2. Vrouwen Min Mannen
B3. L'Homme A La Thérapie
B4. Supervielle
B5. Au Grand Dam De Jour
B6. Saddja