Floris Vanhoof

The Fluid Computer

Floris Vanhoof is a mastermind working around a hybrid form of music and visual arts. Inspired by structural film and early electronic music he makes audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music releases. Experimenting with cross-medium translation and compatibility, he questions our viewing patterns and the possibility of the new perspectives to emerge. Regardless of nostalgia, he purposively chooses analog technology, reinventing 'high-tech' and looking for ways to make old images with new media.

Each of two side-long pieces of the LP are made with DIY musical apparatus, field recordings and tape manipulation. The photobook contains a selection of 24 images printed on a lush 30cm x 30cm format.
The recordings and photographs emerge from the same curiosity: how multiple images overlap on film, and how waves arising in tiny electronic circuits are transmitted to the outside world? Together, they offer an alternative for popular myths of “memory as a tape recorder” and “the photographic memory". When we take time to listen inside own heads, what appears might be much closer to the double exposed images and swirling tape manipulations then we imagine.
The title of the release comes from the book 'The Pattern on the Stone' by inventor W. Daniel Hillis. It tells about computers where water flows instead of electrons, offering an alternative to a solely electronic digital device. This 'fluid computer' serves as a source of inspiration for deconstructing the ubiquitous algorithmic machine, and a trigger to reincarnate forgotten technologies.

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Release Date: 03-05-2019
recording: Floris Vanhoof (2012-2018)
1/4 tape processing at William Twee studios
mastering: Christophe Albertijn
Realized with the support of the ING Public Prize of The Young Belgian Art Prize
Layout: ruttens-wille
In collaboration with Overtoon. Co-released with KRAAK.

1. Side A

2. Side B

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