Selected songs from cassettes 2005​-​2009

‘What the hell’s wrong with this guy?’, that will probably be the first thought that goes through your mind when first listening to this mind frying fourth lp by Belgium’s most intriguing musician.

Apart from the tree enigmatic vinyl releases on KRAAK Bram Devens also released a handful of tapes on different labels. This LP compiles the best tracks of his cassettes on Goaty Tapes, Bennifer Editions, Scumbag Relations, Imvated, Dreamtime Taped Sounds and New Age Tapes, plus a previously unreleased track from the Ignatz III demos, on which we hear the man as close as he ever came to the genious vibes of Lou Reed. “Selected songs from cassettes 2005-2009” shows Devens in all his different guises: from the crying sailor drowning in psychedelic mud to the melody addicted outsider balladeer choking on moonshine. This is Ignatz’ ultimate record and last step before his orchestrated concept album period.


Cover drawing: Olivier Schrauwen

A1 from The Draft released by Scumbag Tapes.
A2, B1 from Some Of Them Are Funny Songs on Bennifer Editions.
A4 from A Canine And A Kitten In The Car by Goaty Tapes.
B2 from Addiction For Slumber on Imvated.
B3 from Atlantic Woman on New Age tapes.
B4 from Hello There Little Ghost / Slumber With Great Peace on Bread and Animals.

1. The Last Night
2. That Was My Belief
3. Troubled Needs
4. Rise While You Fall
5. The Blue & Windless Dusk
6. And Something Modern
7. Atlantic Woman
8. Slumber With Great Peace