Lizzy Vandierendonck

Party Booklet + Mixtape

Lizzy Vandierendonck is a Ghent-based visual artist. She studied animation film and has also graduated from MA in audio-visual arts at KASK School of Arts in June 2018. With a father film collector, she has been watching films since she can remember. By time, this grew to a daily routine that has informed significantly the way she thinks about an art project: how the visitor or spectator might see the work in a sequence: what do they see/hear/experience first? and what should be next? This sequence-thinking and a conceptual approach has become something caracheristic for her work, rather than a material or craft. In the same line, she has been inspired by ‘70s artists with more of a conceptual ouevre, like Mike Kelley, Franz West, Paul McCarthey and Jim Shaw. Vandierendonck has lately been very interested to work across things that are common in her social circles, such as parties, bars, karaokes, concerts. At the moment, she has been developing an idea for a bar 'experience'.

The party booklet is an extension of Lizzy Vandierendonck's graduation project: the party itself.
It follows up the exaggeration of a nighttime happening and an idea of festive. A past event with the qualities of performance and a ritual continues to exist through the wondering gaze of the spectator. The images suggest a hyper excitement and an intense collective experience of a party.
Each of 50 booklets comes together with a unique mixtape, recorded in Vandierendonck's bedroom. All in a different mood, they are made as a necessary complement to your own home party!

CS / book
Release Date: 14-12-2018
Artwork by Lizzy Vandierendonck
Design by Lizzy Vandierendonck
Dimensions: 210 x 297
Edited by Lizzy Vandierendonck
Limited edition of 50
Mixed by Lizzy Vandierendonck

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