Of Feathers and Bones

Muddled lullabies rendered through musty tape loops by Rotterdam’s finest Goldblum!

KRAAK is proud to present the latest musical outing by one of Rotterdam’s most illustrious pairings in recent history. Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut) and Michiel Klein (Lewsberg) musically reunite outside of their Sweat Tongue capacity in order to orchestrate a glimmering symphony of dreams-as-sounds in Of Feathers and Bones, their first full-length album as Goldblum. Poetic melodrama courses through these ten tracks, all ripe with an uncanny elegance that evokes the experience of sleepwalking in an abandoned film set where the glint and glamour of its dormant majesty still reverberate under the dust.

Through the layering of portentous tape loops, sparkling bell chimes, and haunting keyboard melodics - all compounded by Marijn’s solemn enunciations - Of Feathers and Bones presents an array of disparate influences and tactics that tonally meander through poetic melodrama, languid esoterism and unforeseen chaos. The patterns that emerge over the course of these recordings offer the listener the distinct sensation of being privy to a surreal journey, like entering the musty space of faded postcards to the sounds of worlds familiar and far away. Let these muddled lullabies guide your ears into the chalky twilight.

Release Date: 15-10-2021
Artwork by Goldblum
Design by Dylan Belgrado
Limited edition of 300
Mastered by Frederic Alstadt
Mixed by Michiel Klein
Music by Goldblum
Musicians: Lyrics, vocals, keyboards, bells, harmonica and contact mic by Marijn // Tape loops, keyboards, effects, montage and mix by Michiel

1. Translucent Skin

2. A Face Appeared

3. De Druif

4. Fata Morgana

5. Alpha And The Omega

6. First Child

7. Innerlijke Stemmen

8. How The Light Gets In

9. Night Time

10. Ze Zat Op Het Dak

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