Heta Bilaletdin


Weird dub and bedroom radio hits straight from the Finnish forest cities

A new and long-awaited revival of the Fonal/KRAAK siblingry, this time on the occasion of the first LP by that multifaceted sorceress of sounds and visions we’ve known and loved for many a year: the inimitable Heta Bilaletdin!

Heta Bilaletdin is an artist working with many mediums: experimental music, moving image and installation. Since early 2010s she has been active in multiple roles in the experimental ug of Helsinki, playing in bands like Olimpia Splendid and Myttys, organizing events, VJing and DJing.

When working alone she creates music concrete, fumbling beats, sugary melodies, ominous bedroom dub and unexpected pop with a playful and occasionally melancholic aesthetic.

Sometimes she’s singing backwards. Her debut solo album Nauhoi is a collage of home recordings and hidden hits. It has been made slowly during many years in the spirit of cut & glue – utilizing samplers, vocals, field recordings, computer, found objects, synths, no-tune guitar and dusty four-track tapes.

Sparkly, inventive, and decidedly woozy, this beguiling and truly cool assemblage of lo-fi bangers is as stunningly clever as it is profoundly catchy!

Release Date: 15-10-2021
Artwork by Heta Bilaletdin
Co Published by Fonal Records
Design by Heta Bilaletdin
Limited edition of 300
Mastered by Samuli Tanner
Mixed by Heta Bilaletdin
Music by Heta Bilaletdin


  1. Anaksa

  2. Peilikakku

  3. Kujamuutuja

  4. 🌧

  5. Bylnok

  6. Himmeä pastilli


  1. Kuva kivikova

  2. Piloka

  3. Snäx

  4. Ghost

  5. Salamyhkäinen keppi

  6. Diana

  7. Esineet ja tunteet

  8. Varjoi

  9. Krookus

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