Naast De Kwestie

Tweede bloemlezing der hedendaagse Belgische atonaalen

HUMUS – Paysage avec la Chute d’Icare
Deep in the suburbs of Brussels this trio (cosisting of Bongo Man, Cool Brocoli and Quentin Nicolai) are jamming disoriented post-apocalyptic funk tracks in a style reminiscent of some long standing Finnish weirdos such as Avarus or our own Belgian cult legends Buffle.

BEACH – Magic Friend
So you thought grunge was dead, weren’t you? So you were wrong. Take the best from Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and what you get is Antwerpian trio Beach. No, not Bleach, Beach! It’s Vaast Colson (Heavy Indians), Milan Warmoeskerken (Mittland Och Leo, 600 other bands), Jelle Cremer (White Circle Crime Club).

IGNATZ & DE STERVENDE HONDEN – Live At Carlo Lévi 13/04/2009, The Last One (Les Rallizes Dénudés), Ashes
On the way back from the 2009 UK tour together with Silvester Anfang, Ignatz debuted with a backing band at Carlo Lévi in Liège. The people present are still talking about it. It was one of those spontaneous magical moments. Suddenly Ignatz was free to rock out, not having to think about his samples or backing tracks. Part of this concert was recorded. This is an excerpt. You hear a Belgian LSD March! On Drums we find Clay Ruby (Burial Hex, Jex Thoth etc.), bass movement provided by Stoney Moon (Silvester Anfang, The Balls)

DRAALAAL – A Narrow Scape That Wipes The Smile Right From Your Face
This is the duo of Ghent based Dutch artist Maurice van der Es and graphic designer / Smeltkop label boss Mathieu Serruys. Their brooding noise incantations are indepted to both post-Wolf Eyes music displacement and nu-school vocal poetry. This near ten minute track takes you to the back of your brain and only halfway back.

SIGTRYGGUR BERG SIGMARSSON – A lot of it happens, a lot not
Recorded live at home and elsewhere 2012. Dedicated to the old man and the sea. Ghent based Icelander Siggy Sigmarsson (Evil Madness et all) is well known for his performances in which he imitates a dying Llama, fakes multiple heart attacks and vomits into other men’s mouths whilst French kissing. Like playing Duck Hunt on amphetamines. Here’s for some morbid vocal & electronic weirdness.

PAUWEL DE BUCK – Grunt, Growl and Disappear
Pauwel De Buck is a young contemporary composer that came out of the Ghent School studying under Esther Venrooy. His oeuvre balances between site specific sound installations, field recording and electronic voice manipulation. The two tracks that make out ‘Grunt, Growl and Disappear brilliantly exemplifies of the latter, kind of translating Henri Chopin work outs to 2013.

This jaw dropping space quartet is probably one of the weirdest things you could come accross while dwelling the Belgian art gallery scene. They combine three generations of out-there-ness in what you could call cosmic jazz or fusion done in a way that deconstructs the entire ECM catalog. Seeing them is loving them, hearing them is submitting to instant hallucination.

2×CS / DL
Release Date: 25-05-2013
Design by Niels Latomme

1. Draalaal – A Narrow Scape That Wipes The Smile Right From Your Face
2. Humus – Paysage Avec La Chute D'Icare
3. Pauwel De Buck – Grunt, Growl and Disappear (a)
4. Pauwel De Buck – Grunt, Growl and Disappear (b)
5. Joyous Cosmology – Cat People
6. Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – A Lot of It Happens, A Lot of it not
7. Beach – Magic Friend
8. Ignatz & de stervende honden – The Last One / Ashes

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