Lune Atroce / Soleil Amer

One year after the ‘Meet the Philly elite’ 7” we finally release a fresh 4-way split. This time Köhn and Alien Radio are trancing deep into the history of synthesizer classics while Peaking Lights and Ducktails have a take on their own pop music.

Köhn – U C I M
‘U C I M’ builds on the same vibes: trancy and neo-cosmic.

Alien Radio – Gedank und Ahnung
‘Gedanke und Ahnung’ is bleepsynthronica sounding like a sketch of a derailed sonic research project.

Peaking Lights – Creatures of day creatures at night
This track is pure summer pop. The usual synths and drumloops made place for fuzzy calypso riffing. Dunis’ vocal romanticism sounds sweet as a Brian Wilson song. Sc-fi soft pop! Real Estate, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Predator Vision, Parasails…

Ducktails – Sprinter
All bands Matt Mondanile is involved in. In the last three years his music went around the world rather quickly, mainly under his DUCKTAILS moniker. His neo-tropic pop music is often linked to a movement that also houses the likes of James Feraro, Dolphins into the Future and a great deal of the Not Not Fun related bands. ‘Sprinter’ is a repetitive melancholic pop song, and about the most ‘indie’ track we heard from Ducktails so far…


Silkscreened folded poster

A1. Köhn – U C I M
A2. Peaking Lights – Creatures Of Day Creatures At Night
B1. Alien Radio – Gedanke Und Ahnung
B2. Ducktails – Sprinter