YOR is a Leipzig outfit formed by artists Nataly, Tony and Susanne. Known in their local scene for associations with bands like Mosquito Ego and a penchant for Beach Boy covers, the trio confounded the bleary-eyed audience at KRAAK Festival 2019’s 24-hour experiment with their offbeat no wave that does not shy away from moments of funky reflection or manic free-form detours.

On LOVE, they bounce from energetic bursts of guitar-laden catharses to groovy bass lines designed for a strange intimacy within a crumbling chaos. Post-punk codes take on a decidedly outsider bent which infuse an offbeat brand of love song, where babbled, screamed and moaned lyrics recount banal yet oddly confidential vignettes of intimacy through frenzied mantras. Each tune is a state in itself, and no two songs are alike - much like how every experienced moment of love exists on its own and is different from the next.

Release Date: 25-01-2020
Artwork by YOR
Design by Lene Verschaeren & Dylan Belgrado
Limited edition of 250
Mastered by Christophe Albertijn
Mixed by Maxim Tschernych
Music by YOR
Released 25.1.2019
Recorded at Paunsdorf

1. Pickles

2. Banana

3. Love

4. Shower

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