Apulati Bien


A post-apocalyptic stew of outer fringe footwork and mutant ambiances for out-of-body dance experiences

Chopped time, splintered tones, and arhythmic poundings are some of the known characteristics of a slippery multiverse that lies beyond the day-glo wasteland. Its hybrid realities bristle and reveal themselves as dualistic mental and sensorial outputs, where a prismatic array of arthropodic sounds, warped prophecies and broken dance codes are repurposed and distilled, populating sonic areas that exist here and now, but also nowhere and never.

Promesses and KRAAK are proud to join forces on the occasion of Apulati Bien’s first vinyl release, “Azone”. Eleven apocalyptic braindance cuts make up this enigmatic album, where synthetic-insectoid soundscapes melt with raw ghetto beats for a result that is somewhere between mutant footwork, deconstructed dancehall and melancholic poetry that can be found in tracks such as “Non Riesco” (which features Italian vocals from Brussels-based artist, Radio Hito). Apulati Bien’ music breaks the boundaries between the real and synthetic world, and at the end of the album the question remains: Am I a robot?

Azone will be available on February 18 digitally and in a limited edition green vinyl with a handmade silk-screened cover.

Release Date: 18-02-2022
Artwork by Apulati Bien
Co Published by Promesses
Limited edition of 300
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet
Mixed by Apulati Bien
Music by Apulati Bien

A1. Indaway

A2. Blé Noir

A3. Pickpocket IV

A4. Lobo 1

A5. Non Riesco ft. Radio Hito


B2. Holoh

B3. Impulsion

B4. Indazone

B5. Lobo 2

B6. Ekis

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