The Lowest Form of Music 1973-1983

[curator: Tim Tetzner, Handclaps]

"The unearthing of the LAFMS recordings is experimental rock history at it's most historical and hysterical - a completely bizarro and further-out counterpart to the L.A. punk scene." (Thurston Moore)

This historical collection of shortfilms shows the experimental scene in L.A. in the seventies. This scene, with Smegma as most notorious outcome, was heavily influenced by the Mothers of Invention, Beefheart, the Residents and Sun Ra, but also by the radical foundations of Fluxus and the Aktionists. They paved the road for the New Weird Americans as No-Neck Blues Band and Jackie-O-Motherfucker who nowadays are pivotal of the American expermentalists.

1) Drum Moves (Tom Recchion September 27, 1976, 12:04, Pasadena, California, b/w video, sound)
2) Mother Daughter (Joe Potts with Vetza, 1977, 4’, no sound)
3) Intransitive Verbs (John Duncan & Tom Recchion, 1977, 7:25, Pasadena, California, b/w Super 8, silent)
4) Drums By Magic (Tom Recchion April 20, 1978, 5:22, Pasadena, California, b/w video, sound)
5) It’s Halloween (Rick Potts and Tom Recchion, 1980, 14:20 min., Super 8)
6) Fever Flower #1 (Rick Potts, 1981, 7’, colour, Music : Dinosaur with Horns)
7) Fever Flower #2 (Rick Potts, 1981, 7’, colour, Music : Dinosaur with Horns)
8) Red Wrec. Said (Doug Henry, 1983, 5', 16mm, sound, color, Music : Doo-Dooettes)
9) Lost Motion (Janie Geiser, 1999, 11’ , 16mm, color, Music: Tom Recchion)
10) Eye Witness (Michael Intriere, 1999, 19:24, Video, Music by Joseph Hammer)
11) Later (Michael Intriere, 2000, 6:30, Video, Music by Extended Organ)
12) The Fourth Watch (Janie Geiser, 2000, 3’, 16mm, color, Music: Tom Recchion)
13) Apartment Thunder (Jonathon Rosen, 2005, 3:39, Music by David Toop &Tom Recchion)
14) Tunnel Lines Slow (Ships At Sea) (Jonathon Rosen, 2006, 2:50, Music by Tom Recchion)




Deze historische verzameling kortfilms toont een mooi beeld van de experimentele scene in Los Angeles in de jaren '70. Dit zootje ongeregeld, waarvan Smegma het bekenste exponent is, bouwde verder op de erfenis van the Mothers of Inventions, Beefheart, the Residents en Sun Ra, alsook op de radicale principes van Fluxus en de Wiener Aktionisten. Ze plaveiden hiermee de weg voor de muzikale exploten van New Weird Americans als No-Neck Blues Band en Jackie-O-Motherfucker, die hedentendage het mooie weer maken in de Amerikaanse experimentele scene.


Cette collection historique de court-métrages nous fait découvrir la scène expérimentale de Los Angeles de la fin des années septante. Ce collectif, avec Smegma comme l'expression la plus éminente, fut fondé sur l'héritage des Mothers of Invention, de Beefheart, des Residents et de Sun Ra, mais aussi sur celui du mouvement Fluxus et des Wiener Aktionisten. Un cours sur l'histoire musicale moderne!