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01 Sep 13 13:00 |

Dhondt Dhaenens Deurle

Music From The Guardhouse initiatie

Ivo Delaere (be) plays ‘L’Alouette Lulu’ and ‘Le Courlis Cendré’ by Olivier Messiaen
Spencer Clark (usa)
Ada Van Hoorebeke (be) + Eva Van Deuren (be) & Franscesco Cavaliere (it)
Floris Vanhoof (be)
Joris Martens (be)
Olivier Schrauwen (be)
Joris De Rycke (be)
Guy Rombouts (be)


Tickets: gratis

ism Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Lieven Martens Moana’s oeuvre is an oeuvre of a musical researcher. His records are more art editions than regular albums. Rooted in a language that is inspired by literature, painting, cinema and poetry his compositions are hermetic sound art rather than an exhibition of technics. His work is alphabet, which is incomplete and thus leaves space for interpretation. He seeks the Primal (Ur) without losing grip on a contemporary context. It’s a dialogue with Nature: waves against the cliff, a bird singing night songs, fish eating beneath the rock, a thunderstorm raging over the land. For this LP initiation Moana invites artists that are closely associated with his work. They all present newly created work for this special occasion.

Martens chose to build a landscape with these artists, who all developed a gesammts vision on their art. They are all landscape artists in the broadest sense possible. All of them regard the poetic statement as more valuable than the technicality.

Spencer Clark is a neo-romantic musician who, with his Coltranesque compositions, reflects a consciousness that is entangled with P D Ouspensky’s vision on nature.

Floris Vanhoof, cineast-composer who builds sounds to live in. He developed a unique signature in sound in harmony with his work in Structural Cinema.

Olivier Schrauwen produces a new form of pop music. With melodies and compositions as pages from a comic book (Schrauwen’s main occupation is experimental comic art).

Messiaen (by Ivo Delaere) once crossed the entire country of France to record each bird sound and to rework these as piano compositions. Not because he liked Nature so much, but he thought that bird song was the best music created by God.

Joris Martens is a multimedia artist whose obsession for mountains and rocks are translated to imagery that is poetic, unctuous, naive, abstract and stimulating all at once.

Ada Van Hoorebeke is an artist who builds beautiful landscapes with elements from the four quaters of the compass. She empowers the colours of All, creates amazing installations that are constructed from own and"borrowed” work. This idea is the blue print of this happening. For this initiation she made an ‘interactive’ installation with a soundtrack by Francesco Cavaliere (Sea Urchin etc) and Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale, Blops, etc).

Guy Rombouts turns words into landscapes, letters into paintings, language into images.

Visual and sonic artist Joris De Rycke will determine Classical Compositions on recorder all day long.

The running exhibition at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens will be from the private collection of Belgian architect Charles Vandenhove presenting work from a.o. Henri Michaux, Simon Hantaï, Anselm Kiefer, Antoni Tàpies and David Claerbout.

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