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28 Nov 15 14:00 |


Eastern Daze

Karkhana (lb/eg/tr)
Arnold Dreyblatt (us)
Inşalar (tr)
Görkem Şen (tr)
Antti Tolvi (fi)
Ashtray Navigations (uk)
Sarah Davachi (can)


Tickets: dag €20/€17(VVK) avond €17/€15(VVK)


Vooruit, Oorstof, Europalia & KRAAK present the second edition of the infamous Eastern Daze festival. Music Of The Outer Regions so to speak.

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This second edition of the Eastern Daze festival again is dedicated to tracking down the tangents between non western / ethnic music and the avant-garde.

Ever since the nineteen sixties there has been a vast exchanging of ideas between the so-called ethnic and the (also) so-called avant-garde. Pioneers like Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Angus MacLise and Henry Flint all took Indian raga and lessons learned by Sufi masters like Pandit Pran Nath into their ground breaking and radical musical experiments. In researching non-western music they found a basis for minimalism; infusing their compositions with spirituality, trance inducing strategies, unknown instruments and concepts of music.

Less visible maybe, but just as profoundly influencing, western music founds it way in to the east. The visceral guitar experiments of Jimi Hendrix travelled through bootlegged cassette tapes to Egypt, Libanon and Turkey, inspiring the Anatolian acid rock boom of Mogollar, Erkin Koray, Omar Khorshid, Edip Akbayran and many others. They - in their turn- have been influencing countless contemporary psychedelic rock bands through the many record labels dedicated to reissuing albums and thus giving new life and meaning to this music.

This ‘eternal back and forth’ between local and ‘outernational’ underground music scenes has thus created an ever growing web of like minded souls involved in creating poignant new forms of folk music.

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