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15 Nov 14 15:30 |

Vooruit (Ghent)

Eastern Daze

The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar (ma)
Pelt (us)
Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society (us)
Toad (fr)
Razen (be)
Norberto Lobo (pt)


Tickets: 25 / 30 | 17 / 20

15:45: Doors
16:00: Razen
17:30: Norberto Lobo
18:45: Toad

19:30: Break

20:00: Doors
20:30: Joshua Abrams' Natural Society Information
21:45: Pelt
23:00: Master Musicians of Jajouka

I.s.m. Kunstencentrum Vooruit

The Eastern Daze festival is a collaborative effort between record label / concert organizers / KRAAK and the Ghent based Art Centre Vooruit. With Eastern Daze we aim to make a connection between ethnic folk traditions and the contemporary underground music scene. The six acts on the festival all take ancient genres like Old European music, Indian Raga’s, Fado, Appalachian folk, African Gnawa, Morrocan Sufi music and inject those with healthy doses of DIY noise, free jazz and drones. Eastern Daze is a 21st look into the age old tradition of trance music.

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