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09 Dec 16 20:30 |

Tramzwart (Ghent)

current thoughts on vocalism

Widt (pl)
Napalm Tree (uk/de)
+ DJ Watcharita

Tickets: € 5 / 8

20:30 Concerts

where: J. Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Gent → Google Maps

Widt (pl)
There is something happening in Poland, based on the excellent s/t VHS by the crossmedia duo Widt (Antoinette Nowacka and Bogumiła Piotrowska). With analogue video, vocal and electronics they create a psychedelic jungle which bears references to the Pierre Henry’s The Myth of Orpheus or L. Berio’s and C. Berberian’s Omagio a Joyce. Widt seduces the listener into a black hole of the forgotten, the avoided and the inexperienced.

Napalm Tree (uk/au)
The youngest half of the great Yeah You, with another unknown Viennese female voice.  The duo explores the other site of site-specific improvised pop, called Urban Bass-Improv. Improvised post 2016 beat collages and two gender bending female voice pushing the outer borders of R’n’B and Trap music.

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