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24 Jun 16 22:00 |

Bijlokesite / Hortatuin

Graduation Exhibition Opening

Calhau! (pt)
Colombey (fr)
Oscar Wyers (nl)
Lieven Martens Moana & Joris De Rycke (be)
DJ Kerm (be)

Tickets: free

22:00 Lieven Martens Moana & Joris De Rycke
23:00 Calhau!
23:45 Colombey
0:30 Oscar Wyers
1:15 > 3:00 DJ KERM

In collab with KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts

As you know, KRAAK is kindly hosted by KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts as part of their residency program. Every year, the master students show their final projects on the Graduation Exhibition, an exuberant oase of talent and promising work.

This year, KRAAK and KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts team up and add some music for the opening of the festivities.

A true gem from the Portugese underground. Sparse electronics blended with mystic vocal-ism — think Ghédalia Tazartes on the coffee by Diamanda Galás.

Deep in the Portugese underground Calhau! is con-structing an absurd universe in which nightmares, rural Catholic mysticism and surrealist spirituality play the lead role. Performance, movie and music are contributing to one melancholic and cruel whole. The music is deeply rooted in Roman mysticism, using the dark hand of alchemy to beseech the insane 21st century.

The duo sounds like an updated verion of Ghédalia Tazartes and Throbbing Gristle, blending tape collages and sparse electronics, not unlike the PAN back catalogue.

Foremost, Calhau! are their own isle, at the point where the Old Europe disappears in the sea.


Oscar Wyers
Oscar Wyers, also known as Teleport Without Error and Thaumaturgist, is a Dutchman who currently lives in Ghent. Besides his own projects he also releases experimental music on his label Oggy Records. His music reminds of vintage acid house à la Ceephax Acid Crew and other electronica legends from older times. Pulsating rhythms go hand in hand with minimalistic, lush melodies; a permanent state of hypnosis is what awaits you.


Colombey, AKA TG Gondard, makes French synth pop under the name of his place of birth, a town in the Elzas where 650 people live. Gondard plays with the French musical tradition by creating a whole new synth-pop sound: crappy, simple casio sounds together with gloomy, distorted vocals replace the kitschy, grotesque productions that makes many Frenchmen unconditionally happy. A collection of 12 desolate pearls came out recently on Pouet! Schallplatten.

Joris de Rycke & Lieven martens moana
Live radio show / performative dj-set

DJ Kerm

Ghentish strong force in its cassette-based underground. Mixes crappy acid, hair metal and sound collages with a firm hand.

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