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10 Dec 15 20:30 |

School of Arts — Zwarte Zaal

De Grijze Zone

Lorenzo Senni (it)
Dale Cornish (uk)
Adam Asnan (uk)
Jung An Tagen (at)
+ Nosedrip (be)

Tickets: € 7 (red) / € 10

20:30 Nosedrip
20:45 Adam Asnan
21:30 Dale Cornish
22:15 Jung an Tagen
23:00 Lorenzo Senni
00:00 Nosedrip

where: L. Pasteurlaan, 9000 Gent

Visions for the 21st century’s dandy.

Around 2013 Techno popped back up in underground music. Oldschool noisers brought the 4/4 beat back and outed them as once been Jonnies. You remember the annoying lads hanging around bus stops, beating you up and wearing Londsdale shirts and Buffalo shoes. Assholes… although, the Hardcore Techno they were listening to, you did find it cool.

And the slipstream of re-emerging techno, enlighted minds appeared who stripped down the genre to stylized digital visions which aim for the same rush as a 4/4 beat. Adam Asnan, Dale Cornish, Lorenzo Senni and Jung an Tagen refine the euphoria and project a Grey Zone were human beings are transcended in a fluid mass of hyper-virtuality and dance.

Lorenzo Senni
Goatrance without beats, nor false euphoria.

Dale Cornish
Ascetic a-human techno. Get what you hear.

Adam Asnan
Promoter sound estheticization. (Is that actually a word?). Use the word ‘field recording’ only if you realize the risk of being beaten up by the man himself.

Jung An Tagen
Virtual futurist.

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