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26 Apr 15 15:30 |

Les Ateliers Claus


Leo Küpper (bxl)
Quentin Nicolai (bxl)

#dial 1xxx-bxhell

Tickets: € 8

What: three day event, over and in Bruxelles.
Where: Crickxstraat 15, 1060 Sint-Gillis
All-in ticket: € 20 (on sale day 1 & 2)
I.c.w. Les Ateliers Claus
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Brussels is a beautiful perverted and fragmented city. A city which serves as a rich soil for a cancerous growth of music, concerts, labels, art, and independent beers. This festival crawls throughout cellars and dens of musical Brussels. DIAL 1000-BXHELL!

Leo Küpper (bxl)

Küpper is a living legend of the Belgian electronic music and avant garde composition. Since the sixties, he creates — first as the assistand of Henri Pousseur — a highly personal body of work with electronics and vocals as the main elements. On this Sunday evening he presents a new book about his life and work.

Quentin Nicolai (bxl)

On his first and highly recommended solo tape, the landscape architect mixes field recordings with organic synth sounds into naïve but intriguing sound collages with a high new age feel to it.

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