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07 Mar 15 13:00 |


KRAAK festival 2015

Kraus (nz)
Madalyn Merkey (us)
Neutral (sw)
Áine O’dwyer & De 2de Adem (ir/be)
Rodion G.A. (ro)
Bryan Lewis Saunders (us) & Razen (be)
Sea Urchin (it/eg)
Mathieu Serruys (be)
Konrad Smoleński vs. Lotto (pl)
Vex Ruffin (us)
Yong Yong (pt)
Young Marble Giants (uk)


Tickets: € 25 / 30

Where: Houtkaai z/n, BE-9300 Aalst
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14:00 Sea Urchin
14:30 Mathieu Serruys
15:00 Neutral
15:30 Madalyn Merkey
16:00 KRAUS
16:45 Bryan Lewis Saunders & Razen
17:30 Konrad Smolenski vs. Lotto
18:00 - 19:30 Break for food
19:30 Vex Ruffin
20:00 Áine O’Dwyer & De 2de Adem
21:00 Young Marble Giants
22:00 Rodion G.A.
23:00 Yong Yong
00:00 DJ Klakke

Call us rebellious conservatives, or unfitted to a hyper transparent and raving world, but one thing is sacred. The yearly trip through the labyrinth called off-stream music, avant-garde and the Other, also know as the KRAAK festival.

Welcome on the 17th edition, with a fine selection of the best outsider synth music, tape noise, Berber traditional music, dub influenced italian post-pop, neo romantic electronics, neo pop art hip hop and minimal trash punk.

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