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10 Oct 14 20:00 |

School of Arts / Cirque

BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) 2

Dieter Schnebel (de)
Chris Newman (uk)
Daan Vandewalle (be)
Ariane Jessulat (de)
Christian Kesten (de)


Tickets: 7

Second edition in the series Braublff (materie und laut) on music-matter-language.
Icw De Player & School of Arts.

BRAUBLFF (materie und Laut) is series of concerts in cooperation with De Player (Rotterdam). Where and how transforms language into music? A possible answer: the point where language loses its meaning and becomes pure matter – by repetition, mutation and deconstruction, realised by technology, cut-ups and tape-manipulation.

The idea for this series of concerts started out of a shared obsession for the work of vocal poets as Henri Chopin, Byron Gysin, Lars-Gunnar Bodin and the catalogue of Revue OU. In three editions it proposes a State of the Art on the relation language-matter-music, by programming contemporary vocal poets and text-sound composers together with the revolutionary work of the avant-garde since the 50ties.

This event takes place in Gent (10th of October) & Rotterdam (9th of October).

Dieter Schnebel (b. 1930, Lahr/Baden) is a highly influencal postmodern composer. His works propose new methods of conceptual composition, incorporating body movements, open sound processes between tone and noise and mute physical gestures. On this edition of Braublff Schnebel and Ariane Jessulat present 3 pieces, VISIBLE MUSIC für einen Dirigenten und einen Komponisten, NUMBERS für Stimme mit Gesten and LIEBE-LEID für Stimme und Klavier.

Chris Newman (b. 1958, London) is a British, Berlin based interdisciplinary artist. Newman started as a translator of Russian poetry, but soon focussed on music, and started studying under Mauricio Kagel. Newman’s body of work reaches out from poetry to music, performance, painting and video art. Essential is the process of translation, in which one medium is transformed to another. Poetry transforms into visual art, image into music and life into art. Matter is the binding component, the means to reach individual freedom and identity, and to transcend meaning.

On this second edition of Braubfll Newman presents in collaboration with the Belgian piano player Daan Vandewalle the song cycle I Got To Write This Down, and the song London.

Prof. PhD. Ariane Jessulat (b. 1968) is a Berlin based pianist and singer. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts School Music and majored in music theory. She received her PhD in 1999 at Elmar Budde. Since 2004 she has been Professor of Music Theory at the University of Music Würzburg. Her research interests include the analytical examination of the character of the language of music. In the beginning of her studies she met Dieter Schnebel and in 1989 became part of Maulwerker.

Daan Vandewalle is Belgian’s most renowned pianist in the field of American Avant-Garde. He studied at Mills College with Alvin Curran, and recorded a.o. Gordon Mumma’s Music for Solo Piano (1960-2001) for New World Records (released in 2008). He is professor at KASK/School of Arts (Ghent) and collaborated with David Moss, Fred Frith, Han Bennick, Chris Cutler, Tom Cora and many more.

The Avant-Guardian n° 2

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