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23 Aug 14 20:30 |

Het Bos

De Rug Vriend

Robert Turman (us)
Matt Krefting (us)
JSCA (nl)
Infuse Huddle (dk)
Volmacht (be)

Tickets: 10

Ultra Eczema & KRAAK present

Icw Het Bos.

Robert Turman (us) was co-founder, alongside Boyd Rice, of legendary industrial band NON. After leaving NON, Turman needed a break from noise and industrial, and found a way out through a minimalism and assembled collages, unique in its own lo-fi and transcendental quality, built of primitive electronics, acoustic instruments, tape loops, hypnagogic synths, weird vocals and destroyed radio-recordings.
With tons of cassette releases he was part of the US DIY cassette trade culture of the 80s, but a few years later he dropped off the radar. In 2008 Hanson Tapes honcho Aaron Dilloway picked him up out of oblivion. The stream of re-releases, by a.o. Spectrum Spools, Cejero and Hanson Tapes, revealed music which hasn’t lost any relevance, and is still in tune with 21st century DIY melancholia.


The Massachusetts based Matt Krefting (us) is one of the strongholders within the contemporary diy scene. He played bass in the Believers, is poet, critic, columnist, tape fetishist, singer songwriter, gin connoisseur and general encyclopaedist of all things music in 2000. His CV reads as a who’s who, with tentacles reaching from J Mascis over Thurston Moore to Scott Foust, Bill Nace and Dredd Foole? His recent two LP’s High Hopes (Open Mouth) and Lymph Est (Kye) are hilights in his diverse path. Both displaying personal loop tape compositions, merging lo-fi, childlike minimalism, occult bedroom drones and broken fieldrecordings.

JCSA (nl) is apart from a Indian cricket stadium, foremost a Rotterdam based duo with a preference for leather and bleached Nirvana shirts. Beyond despair, Marijn Verbiesen and Michiel Klein (also known from the poop rock band Sweat Tongue), make post Throbbing Gristle noise, using Korg MS 10, brown oscillations, internal feedback and disillusioned chanting. Post Modern waste from the ruins that are left in the once so well-faring Netherlands.

Infuse Huddle (dk)

On beautiful summer days like today, sitting on an imaginary Portuguese terrace, it happens that we think back, filled with nostalgia, to past times. To times when credibility was built on a cheap guitar, 3 chords and a loud amplifier. A lumberjack shirt and long hair was an extra. It were the beautiful 90ties, soothing memories pop up… of that dirty band from Seattle, from which we owned 3 broken tapes, of seas of boredom that allowed us to practice on stupid guitar solos, of the clean air in small villages with beautiful scouts girls who would never be ours.

It’s a shame we live in 2014… Credibility lives or dies with encyclopaedic music knowledge, complex tape loops, state of the art internet marketing strategiers, urban detachment and conceptual composition.

But, we are blessed! Here is Infuse Huddle to correct this historical mistake! The facts: it’s a powertrio born out of the dirty garage scene in Copenhagen, the frontman is cult hero Alexander Olsen, remember the unpraised demented Girlseeker. An albino! A musquito! YEAH!

Volmacht (be) is the brainchild of Dennis Tyfus and Floris Vanhoof. Angry and grandiose music from the place where a rural synaesthesia poet and a urban collage artist meet eachother.

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