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26 Apr 14 15:00 |

Air Antwerpen


Vibracathedral Orchestra (uk)
WR Ravenveer (be)
Huur Is Duur (be)
Nathalie Forget (fr)
Astral Social Club (uk)
Joris De Rycke (be) & Diane Rabreau (fr)
Blaastaal (be)

Tickets: free


KRAAK & Air Antwerpen present Air River Bar. Starts early, 15:00!

‘Ruderal’ belongs to the field of biology, and is used to describe terrains which are characterized by human distortion. Examples are harbours and industrial areas, railway embankments and construction sites. Often contaminated, vague and uninhabitable. Air Antwerp seems to be literally the last standing post, on the border of civilization and the Ruderal. This festival is an in-situ overall installation, in which music and visual art unscrupulously contaminate each other.

Vibracathedral Orchestra (uk) is the only band who fills the void left behind by the Velvet Underground. This sextet, with renowned names as Bridget Hayden, Neil Campbell, Herb Diamante, Mik Flower, Alan Davenport and Julian Bradley, is spacing out since the 90ties. The band wields wildly in transcendental free rock, incorporating leftovers of improv, drone and eastern raga. Since a few months playing with original line up.

Nathalie Forget is musico-philosopher, visual artist and a master on the Ondes Martenot, one of the oldest electronic instruments. Apart of performing compositions by the likes of Bernard Parmegiani, Edgar Varése and Olivier Messiaen, she is part of several improv combos. Her solo outlet is a continuous exploration of the Utopian, for which she combines Ondes Martenot with photography, performance and installation art.


WR Ravenveer thinks, eats and smells modular synth. Be prepared for hours long deep down synth explorations, perfect fitting the Noise Bar – a for this occasion installed ruderal update of a lounge bar.


Wietske van Gils and Christophe Piette are Huur is Duur, a naive found object improv duo. Silence is a virtue, Nature is translucent and each object hath life in itself.


Neil Campbells’ Astral Social Club sounds as techno gone wrong on hallucinogenic substances. Noiseloops, out of sync beats, fucked up electronics, … in short, next level noisadelia.


Bert Lezy’s and Mik Prims’ collage and radio system Blaastaal distorts human wise the virginal area called ‘the Ether’.


Visual artists Joris De Rycke & Diane Rabreau share an obsession for nature and her freaks. They present a so-called ‘Research Center for Left Objects’, an installation which documents the Ruderal and performs editorial processes on artefacts found in the harbour.


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