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01 Mar 14 13:00 |


KRAAK festival 2014

Rashad Becker (de)
Calhau! (pt)
Jerome Cooper (us)
Form A Log (us)
Mike & Cara Gangloff (us)
The Joyous Cosmology (be)
Enzo Minarelli (it)
Olimpia Splendid (fi)
Putas Bêbadas (pt)
Ramleh (uk)
Sweat Tongue (nl)
Antti Tolvi (fi)
Varkenshond (be)
+ tbc
+ EXPO : Bert Danckaert ? Sean Edwards ? Miks Mitr?vics + Krist?ne Kursiša


Tickets: € 20 / 25

Icw Netwerk / centre for contemporary art

According to some mudslingers KRAAK festival is the best festival Belgium has got to offer. This might be somewhat of a dandyesque wisecrack, but we are sure that the sixteenth edition again is a canticle of underground music.

Keeping one eye on history, one on the present and a third one on the future, the festival evaluates what is going on in the limbo that is called experimental music. We made a selection for you, based on a fragile and wayward intuition. What have we got for you this year? Broken no wave, twisted trash rock, avant-garde synth explorers, established composers, poesia sonora, contemporary folk music, noise legends, minimalists, off track free jazz en The Other in all its genuine forms and appearances.

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