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21 Sep 13 12:36 |


Australian Open

UNWAR (aus)
MAAN (be)

Tickets: vvk Ticketmatic: €8 / €10 Kassa: €9 / €11

STARTS EARLY!!!  16:00

In the past couple of years micro labels such as Negative Guestlist, Black Petal and Albert’s Basement introduced the world to a prolific Australian underground scene. Bands like Drunk Elk, Blank Realm, Kitchen’s Floor and more recently Satanic Rockers reinvented melody and songsmithery as the long forgotten jouissance of the diy culture, but also the more abstract regions of the sonic field are heavily represented by multi-disciplinary artists who are occupied with visual art at one time and modular synths at other times, and more often with both at the same time. KRAAK and BELGIE bring a part of those experimentalists to Europe for the first time. Befriended bands Sky Needle and Mad Nanna each illustrate one part of the spectrum: the conceptual jam band and intuitive lori pop. The solo projects of Joel Stern and Michael Donnelly then show how the sum of all that individual creation leads to an über-productive network of new music. Support bands Maan and Sweat Tongue represent, each in their own peculiar way, work that is familiar to the sound of oz, but was developed without even knowing of its existence. Joel Stern will also present a film program with work of contemporary Australian avant-gardists that have a strong link to what is happening on the music front.

Sky Needle are a band of humans living in Brisbane, Melbourne and Kyogle, Australia. They were founded in 2009 at the foot of the Brisbane ‘sky needle’, a strange architectural extravagance left inexplicably derelict since its construction for world expo 88. In honour of this giant phallic absurdity, Sky Needle vowed to only perform using their own home-made instruments. Sky Needle’s first record, the self released ‘Time Hammer’, was also the band’s first jam. Alex Cuffe played a wooden speaker box with amplified bass strings. Joel Stern played two foot pump controlled latex horns. Ross Manning played an elastic dustpan. This first meeting set the template for a sound that is at once primitive, hypnotic and dementedly funky. Sarah Byrne soon joined as the lungs of the group, ululating wordlessly over the next release, ‘Neckliner’ on the Albert’s Basement label. The singles Creepertown and Acid Perm followed in quick succesion followed by Sky Needle’s debut LP on Negative Guest List, ‘Rave Cave’. In 2012, Sky Needle extended into a collective with new family members Michael Donnelly, Glen Schenau and Daniel Jenatsch on various invented and found instruments. This is their first time in Europe!

Mad Nanna is a new cult, no-technique downer rock/pop group from Melbourne who slouch around the basement with the the primitive elan of The Scrotum Poles / The Shaggs et al. Mad Nanna’s songs aren’t stream-of- consciousness. That’s suggestive of too much baggage, because the only resemblance to sentience here is the fact the music actually moves, albeit with its own syrupy, narcoleptic tread.

Joel Stern is a sonic artist, curator and general avant-gardist. Together with Sally Golding in London and Danni Zuvela in Brisbane he runs OtherFilm. As a solo musician and improviser he’s been active Australia’s scene since the early 2000’s. In 2008 he released the beautiful ‘objects.masks.props’ on the Naturestrip label. These days his solo sets mainly consist of synth & light art experiments.

Unwar is the fairly recent moniker of Michael Donnelly whom you might still know of 6majik9 or of his contributions to Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Unwar is strictly synth psychosis and electronic sound mescaline.

Sweat Tongue are Rotterdam’s fresh no wavial atonals and improvisational pop perverts.

Maan are Flanders most necromantic engeneer-artists, indepted to both the post-Van Ostaijen literary scene as to downer heritage of Firing-Squad, Club Moral etc.

Abstract Australiana

De Da de Dum (19 min. 1968 Australia by Garry Shead; Music by Pip Proud. ) Incredible time-capsule portrait of the Australian outsider folk hero Pip Proud who was lauded in the late 60’s as our answer to Bob Dylan releasing stunningly strange records and penning poetry in Sydney, before mysteriously dropping off the map. Proud briefly reappeared in the last years of his life, after being tracked down in total obscurity by the NZ musician Alastair Gailbraith who was instrumental in reviving interest in the Australian legend. 

Bondi (15mins 1979 Australia by Paul Winkler)?Composite images of Sydney’s iconic beach ‘playground’ by renowned film structuralist Winkler, using in-camera matting techniques, dividing the frame horizontally into multiple sections. Amos Vogel described this manipulation of pictorial space as ‘reminiscent of Max Ernst’s surrealist collages’.

Thread Of Voice (18mins 1993 Australia by Arf Arf)?Forming in the early 80’s following an encounter with British concrete poetry pioneer Bob Cobbing, the Melbourne collective Arf Arf conflate a raw, punk ethos of demystification and ‘non-slickness’ (Lovece’s other band is ‘Primitive Calculators) into serious avant-garde tactics of mystification high form. Arf Arf’s sound is more garbled vocalisation of adult disorientation and their 1993’s film poem ‘Thread of Voice’, as Adrian Martin writes ‘uses their sound work to transform the medium and language of film – and vice versa’.


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