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08 Dec 12 21:00 |

NEST, Gent

Rope House Temper release show

RAZEN (be)


Tickets: 3 EUR

Two years after their split-debut with Sheldon Siegel Razen’s follow up for KRAAK hits the streets. Apart from their usual playground of various wind and string instruments, on Rope House Temper the band experimented with deep hurdy gurdy drones, tabla madness and tripped out shaman samples. Their mix of ethno trance and medieval mysticism burns even harder in the unconsciousness, like a rabies infected giant guinea pig. For this show Razen brings the full line-up (a quintet!).

Put a detuned folk guitar into Wouter Vanhaelemeesch’s hands and the consequences are all yours. As a finger picking living tumor and an angry pirate he cries upon the souls of Kan Mikami, Wilburn Burchette and Bill Orcutt, like a horny Maria Magdalena. His debut lp will appear on audioMER in January. Check the dollar bins in March!

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