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15 Nov 12 15:54 |

B50, Gent

le bateau ivre, c’est les autres


Tickets: 5 EUR

Chicaloyoh is the Alice Dourlen solo project which focuses on eerie sonic stories between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation. Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussions from distant and various horizon. Chicaloyoh is a one woman band that will attract those who like the priestesses singings of Inca Ore or Zola Jesus. Chicaloyoh has a collaboration with High Wolf  called Woodoo Mount Sister, and toured with him this year. Chicaloyoh has already released tapes on Bumtapes, Dial square tapes, and lately on Clay Ruby (Burial Hex) label’s Brave mysteries.

Alahuta is the solo outlet of Aurélie Vivier. Between gentle keys and meandering guitar structures Alahuta evokes a warm nest inviting the listener to kneel down naked and worship. Her hovering sensual vocals sometimes remind of Finish goddess Islaja, her universe is pastoral and darkly modern at the same time. She has just recorded her debut album ‘First connexion’ at the Chaudelande studios in Manche.

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