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14 Sep 12 13:18 |

Le Bunker, Brussel

Dharma Bum Regeneration


Tickets: 8 EUR

Hardcore fuzz-wah blasts by a Portuguese power trio, fusing the improv attacks of the late Julie Mittens with the energy of the best Japanese PSF acid rockers. Old-school circle pitting, fist pumping and head banging with this outrageos psych monster!

In the late eighties Stephen Lawrie formed The Telescopes and started playing guitar music that was quickly placed in the blooming space rock and shoe gaze tradition of the time, along bands such as Spacemen 3, Slowdive and Loop. Ever since, the band has known many different line-ups, one of them featuring Bridget Hayden on viola. Right now Lawrie is touring with some young British zoners who know how to scorch their way back to the old days.

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