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22 Sep 12 14:44 |

Bunker, Brussel

and edges violent as lava

LASER POODLE (nl/de/be)
FRAK (se)

Tickets: 8 EUR

This Amsterdam-Antwerp duo improvises electronic music that ofttimes infects people’s knees, feet and other body parts. With elements of old school acid, broken techno and noise, they rely on unreliable rhythm and ancient drumcomputers, music toys and even a roland mc-303 groovebox. ha!

Française/Lyonaise Kira Perov staat ook onder de fictieve naam Sylvia Monnier garant voor dromerige soundscapes en licht melodieuze ambient dreunen.

The recent lp ‘Muzika Electronic’ (Digitalis Recordings) truly blew our minds and reminded us of the fact that, although they have been playing for over 25 years now and we being longtime fans of the Börft label, we never invited these blokes for a dance party. FRAK’s noised out and deranged dance music is joyful as a summertime strawberry daiquiri at one time, then switches to dark old school techno, acid or elektro only a moment later to delve into analog synth pulsations and post-Haackian weirdness. One of Europe’s most amazing electronic outfits for the synaesthetic dance floor!

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