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11 Sep 12 09:38 |

Piramuide, Gent

Yaman blues


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Bachmann’s first record was released under his moniker Sacred Harp. ‘Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation’ (Hands in the Dark, 2010) combined guitar compositions in the Fahey/Basho tradition with drones, vocals and more abstract work. It didn’t take long before lovers of American Primitivism and the fingerstyle guitar discovered this young man’s talent. On his second album ‘Oh Be Joyful’ (named after a popular drink during the civil war that was made out of lamp oil, terpentine and brown sugar) he uses his Christian name, but the music is in the same vein. Bachmann did take some time to improve his personal style. Definitely one of the most outstanding young fingerpickers of this time.

France residing Australian Will Guthrie shares Bachmann’s interest in old time music and plays appalachian tunes in his duo Elwood & Guthrie. He is also a gifted solo-percussionist. He studied jazz and improvisation at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. The most daring elements of these studies were used to tackle the boundaries of instant composition. A recent example of this is his ‘Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones’ that shows an enormous focus and provokes the listener as much as the muscian himself.

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