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03 Apr 12 21:19 |

Les Ateliers Claus


URSULA BOGNER (Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler) (de)
PIMMON (aus)

Tickets: 10 EUR

Ursula Bogner, so goes the story, was born in 1946 in Dortmund, started studying pharmacy at 19, got her degree and quickly became a quiet housewife. Far from any academy or music scene she experimented modular synths and the like. It might as well be Jan Jelinek who made up everything, but in any case ‘Recordings 1968 - 1988’ on Faitiche (2008) became a KRAAK office favourite from the moment it was released. Finally Jelinek, with the assistance of Andrew Pekler, will come and present these compositions live in Belgium for the first time!

Pimmon is Paul Gough, Australian electronic musician who releases through diverse labels such as FatCat, Staalplaat, Celebrate Psi Phenomonon and Stunned ever since the late nineties. In 1999 Gough released one of his first albums, ‘Kinetica’, on KRAAK and collaborated with Köhn in 2002 for Stichting Mixer. Ten years later he’s back and kicking with ultra slow psychedelic ambient and electronic torture!

RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI is an American composer of heavily reverbed ambient melancholia with influences as diverse as Wagner, Antoine de Saint Exupéry and Werner Herzog. Ofttimes dark and meandering pianos, bowed guitar drones and gentle field recordings intertwine in mind altering musical textures…

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