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04 Mar 12 12:58 |

Archiduc, Brussel

Roscoe Mitchell   Sheldon Siegel


Tickets: 10€

In the sixties saxophonist / clarinetist Roscoe Mitchell was one of the leading men behind the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (who used the adagium “Great Black Music, Ancient to the Future”) and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. This combo owned their legendary reputation through some jaw dropping releases on a.o. BYG Actuel and as the band on Brigitte Fontaine’s Comme à la Radio. Mitchell still is the same inspirational and uncompromising musician, who can rip your soul apart by means of breath and copper.

Sheldon Siegel is Belgium’s most adventurous and playful free improv trio, never afraid to destroy conventions, always energetic and honest. Pure bliss.

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