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08 Feb 12 11:32 |

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussel

Deep Explorers of the Modern Dimension


Tickets: 8 EUR

With Far Side Virtual, James Ferraro delivered a new milestone in his collected works. Ferraro threw off the characteristic mist of his collage pop and embraced the digital era, which made it one of the most polemic records of 2011. Music magazine The Wire put the record on number 1 in their 2011 Rewind, but a lot of fans didn’t follow and ratified Ferraro’s twist as dated background music. His hypermimetic soundtracks of life refer continuously to the iPad-, videogame-, and advertising culture. This gives as a result an ultramusical halo that searches for alienation within the average, and thereby it puts the finger on the gaping spot of the artistic crisis.

Lieven Moana, man behind Dolphins Into The Future, is back from a spirit freeing stay on the Azores of several months. He continues his musical search in new romanticism and superior beauty in subtle new directions. Even more than before, Moana follows the rhythms and structures of nature phenomenons and reaches the exaltation of ultimate serenity.

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