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12 Oct 11 16:04 |

Renold, Groendreef 1,  Brussel

forget thy native wood

Pigeons (usa)
Miaux (be)
Nathan Bowles (usa)
Pacific Games (be)

Tickets: 6 EUR

Miaux is Mia Prce from Antwerp. She only needs a keyboard for her instant-dream compositions that float between childhood cartoon memories and repetitive light version of your favorite fitness soundtrack.

Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin founded Pigeons a couple of years ago in the Bronx, slowly exploring the underground and releasing lathe cuts on labels you have never heard off. After releases on Black Dirt, Olde English Spelling Bee and Soft Abuse the band is ready for a break-through. Live they are assisted by Jason Meager of No-Neck Blues Band fame and Nathan Bowles of the Black Twig Pickers. Think Bongwater with extra lavender flavour…

Nathan Bowles is one third (washboard- and banjo player) of Thrill Jockey band The Black Twig Pickers, best musical friends and drinking buddies of the late Jack Rose. In October he is touring as part op Pigeons band but in the Kinky Star he is playing an exclusive old timey banjo set.

Pacific Games (be) is from Brussels. In a magical scenario of stereo sounds fireworks, the music, like an exotic garden, reveals the cosmic dimension of a landscape we are used to see.

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