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16 Sep 11 12:59 |

Kinky Star, Gent

liver sausage sandwich

Girlseeker (dk)
Warm Climate (usa)

Tickets: free

demented pop music

Girlseeker hail from the very productive Copenhagen scene, in which mainly Iceage is breaking necks lately. Girlseeker was born through the anus of that indie punk scene. They sound like the retarded cousin of Ariel Pink or as Joy Division on an afterparty on poppers at 2 pm. Your ultilate discovery for 2011!

The first Warm Climate album was released in 2006 but the band only started to fry minds in these regions in the last two years with a couple of micro releases on cd-r and cassette. Seth Kasselman is the man behind the project. He always picks out different musicians to accompany his glamfolk inspired jams, in which pop music and weird improv are blended like a strong bloody mary. For his live debut in Europe Kesselman is doing it all by himself. With a unique castrato voice, a free approach of the clarinet and a love for everything droning he eventually breaks all frameworks of contemporary pop music.

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