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08 Oct 09 00:00 |

Het Slachthuis,Gent

completely wankered



VOLCANO THE BEAR was founded in 1995 when four young artists decided to change English music all by themselves. And so they did. With their mix of improvisation and absurdism they cast spells on English NME culture and create innovative eclectic rituals that can’t be compared to anything else. For This tour the band shrank to the duo of Aaron More and Daniel Padden, the Noel and Liam of avant-garde Britain. Expect a micro spectatcle of freedom and spastic ecstacy. Volcano The Bear @ Pauze 2007. LUK PAARD is Ghent’s own drugs poet who gets a boner thinking of Jules Deelder and speaks and squalls as if he were the disfigured product of a long forgotten party between Patti Smith and Ton Lebbink. Luk Paard’s blog

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