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23 Apr 09 00:00 |

Vooruit & Bank van de Arbeid,Gent

Courtisane - An evening on Memory

Home Movies (Andrea Belfi, Stefano Pilia, Xavier Garcia Bardon & Benjamin Franklin), Gill Arno (MPLD), Aki Onda, Jasper Rigole, Thomas Smetryns, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Kristof Roseeuw Michael Weilacher,…


Past Imperfect focuses on the interplay between recollections and the blanks in our memory. Some old super 8-films by Circus Family Togni preserved by Home Movies find a second life in a 4-screen audiovisual performance. In Gill Arno’s modified slide projectors, static images from found slides fade into one another, revealing the musical possibilities of the projectors’ mechanical sounds. With a derailed collection of sound recordings, Aki Onda creates a 4-hour long sound diary.

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