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15 Nov 08 00:00 |



REINES DANGLETERRE (feat. Ghédalia Tazartès, él-g & Jo T.) [fr] REINHOLD FRIEDLs Neo-Bechstein [d] BLAASTAAL [be]



GHEDALIA TAZARTES is an avant-garde musician from France who has been digging obstinately into his own unconventional way of composing to this present day. Ever since ‘77 he explores musical repetition, cut & paste techniques, concrete sound and the possibilities of the human voice. Hereby he doesn’t fear any direction or genre. From balladry to noise eruption, it all belongs to his sound pallet. In his fascination for absurdism and the human voice he found the young Parisian balladeer él-g (KRAAK). In his fascination for noise and deconstruction he found JO TANZ (Placenta Popeye, Tanzproces). Together they formed the trio Reines d’Angleterre. After a first gig on The Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton, the Pauze festival can finally present you this new, brain-melting combo. The Neo-Bechstein is a piano (manufactured in 1929) with a built-in gramophone and radio. It is, in fact, a vulgar and commercial product of which there are only five remaining copies remaining in the whole world. Artistic director of the zeitktratzer ensemble, REINHOLD FRIEDL, who is known not to shun away from the odd experiment, endeavors to transpose this kitsch instrument to the world of serious musical practice. He does so in collaboration with sound engineer Sukandar Kartadinata, who developed special hardware for this occasion enabling spatialization of the piano sounds and sending them out to a multi-channel system. In this modernized setup, the Neo-Bechstein is the ideal instrument for playing so-called sound/space compositions. + BLAASTAAL

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