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14 Nov 08 00:00 |


PAUZE FESTIVAL: Soul Shredders of Seoul




KIM DOO SOO is a South-Korean folk singer who didn’t play much outside the underground for years. Still he perfectly matches the international folk tradition that also brought people as Tomokawa Kazuki, Mikami Kan and Fikret Kizilok to the world’s attention. In 2007 the Japanese label PSF put out a release by the man through which finally he could reach an international audience. For the Pauze Festival Doo Soo travels to Europe to play outside his own continent for the first time ever. SATO YUKIE is one of the main men behind a new groupe of experimenting artists in Seoul. A couple of years ago he started to organize some concerts in the capital with artists from abroad. Although his main musical activity is the psychedelic band Kopchangjongol, he also plays an important role in the local improv scene, in which he mainly focusses on guitar-based experiment. RYU HANKIL & CHOI JOONYONG are both prominent artists in the Relay Collective, a group of young improvisers in Seoul. Ryu has a background in several indie pop bands, but he got the improv virus after seeing a concert of Otomo Yoshide, Sachiko M, Axel Dörner and Taku Unami. These days he’s mostly into the musical capabilities of non-music instruments for which he dismantles a.o. electronic typewriters and telephones. Choi Joonyong also began as a songwriter but developed an interest in all things noisy after graduating high school. His music originates from opening cd and mp3-players, video recorders and reel tape recorders. With a shared passion for breaking electronic gear, the two made good good friends immediately. It shows on stage. Together with percussionist Kim Dae Hwan (died 2004) and trumpet player Choi Sun Bae, alto saxophone player KANG TAE HWAN is counted among the big three of the first generation of Korean improvisation artists. Kan Tae Hwan’s playing is a combination of Korean aestheticism in terms of composition and tone spectrum, and unique techniques (circular breathing, multi-phony, etc.). In recent years, he has been performing as member of a trio also comprising pianist Miyeon [mijon] and percussionist Park Chejun [pak tsjédzjon]. As a soloist and co-bandleader he recorded around ten full-length albums. His most recent album recorded with Miyeon and Park is called Isaiah and has been released on the Audioguy label. Another edition with the crazy brains behind the BLAASTAAL! radio show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp. For the entire three days these dudes come to document the festival in their own bizarre way. With interviews, found sound and absurd visual entertainment, they close the festival nights on friday and saturday.

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