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13 Nov 08 00:00 |


PAUZE FESTIVAL: Journey Through a Burning Brain




KÖHN is known to be the gothfather of Belgian electronica. Although it seemed like he has been covered in silence after his epic double-cd “Koen”, he merely focussed on music for theater and dance productions. But suddenly he popped up again with an amazing come-back lp entitled “We need more Space in the Cosmos” (will be released in November). On this album he declares his love for his old idols, being a.o. Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schülze and Jean-Michel Jarre. The result is a synth-driven album, that has as much to do with eighties electronic music as with the whole Köhn universe. On Pauze festival he presents this new synth fetisj period for the first time to the public. Alexis Georgopoulos, aka ARP, once was a founding member of the band Tussle, but in 2006 he decided to concentrate on his personal artistic activities. His fascination for the search of spontaneity in electronic music lead to his his album “In Light” (Smalltown Supersound), a brilliant record on which he creates a synthesis of Alice Coltrane experiment, minimalism and seventies synth music. Like a 2008 version of Manuel Göttsching and Dieter Möbius. Arp is one of those new contemporary musicians that want to bring back the early spontaneous feeling of the seventies and early eighties into todays electronic music. SWORD HEAVEN originates from the flowering scene of Columbus, Ohio which was already represented at the Kraak Festival in March this year with performances by Pink Reason and Psychedelic Horseshit. However, the music of two-piece Sword Heaven has little correspondence with the new generation of lo-fi punkers, but rather focuses on slow, tribal and rather physical noise. Think of a more percussion oriented version of Yellow Swans or Lightning Bolt after swallowing an overdose of valium supplemented with distorted death cries and a tonal mush of sound effects. Their sound is often compared to the early work of industrial rock bands such as Swans and Godflesh. Be that as it may, Sword Heaven in any case is one of the most interesting contemporary musical vehicles when it comes to bloody noise. WOODEN SHJIPS is one and all love. For these new born hippies, the summer of love isn’t a time document, but rather a way of life. Their self titled debut-LP on Holy Mountain Records convinced psych lovers all over the world that psychedelic rock can also be dance music. Their music has all the ingredients needed: repetitive drums, funky bass licks, fuzzy guitar solos, far-out vocals and lots of delay-ay-ay. Wooden Shjips are the best ever cross breed between the Doors and Spacemen 3 in the year 2525. After a very short après-ATP tour this summer, they are finally touring the whole of Europe. In the Benelux exclusively on Pauze festival.

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