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22 Oct 08 00:00 |


prepared banjo / lecture



PAUL METZGER started his dark career as a musician in the band TVBC, who only left a soundtrack for Dziga Vertov’s “Man Wit A Movie Camera”. Using a 21-string modified banjo for his solo music, attention came somewhat easier. Metzger creates a musical symbiosis between trance-indulging raags, Flyntian drone invocations and string wizardry in the vein of Sandy Bull. IAN NAGOKSI collects ancient 78 records. He’s the man responsable for the magnificent Black Mirror compilation on the Dust-To-Digital label, bringing together dusty old tracks from over the planet. From Chinese opear to Turkish avant-pop. Nagoski will be telling us a thrilling story about the NYC Ottoman caf├ęs in the twenties. IGNATZ writes sad songs about drowning, wild S&M parties and six-armed midgets being castrated by angry viking leaders. Because he mumbels a little, this might not always be as luminous. His new record “III” is out on KRAAK. CROXHAPOX: Lucas Munichstraat 76/82 9000 Gent

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