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11 Oct 08 00:00 |


garage stallions



It has been a busy year for SIC ALPS. They’ve had a whole bunch of stuff released, a.o. a compilation cd of all their singles, 12"s and compilation tracks and a new album on the Siltbreeze imprint. The raw approach of their often very melodic noisadelic pop songs is still their main trade mark. Because this band’s biotopes are smutty garages and moist basements we wanted to see them again in our favorite trashy place in the Brussels red light district. youtube About ten years ago the same Siltbreeze label released “Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars + Park Drive Circular Effects Pedals” by ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS, the band of Phil Todd that pioneered the experimental drone- and noise scene of Leeds. With almost forty releases full of tape synth and guitar madness, Todd goes as one of the grandfathers of the fourth generation dronesters. myspace The Brussels duo LES TERRILS play weird bluespop, like some cabaret version of Beat Happening feat. Jos Steen. They sing in French. About Ikea furniture and Flanders. myspace

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