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19 Sep 08 00:00 |



Aluk Todolo [fr] Burial Hex [us]


ALUK TODOLO is the result of three black metal fanatics who started listening to Faust, G├╝nter Schickert and German Oak on a lonely evening. They only kept the misanthropic atmosphere from their musical background. All the other ingredi├źnts make Aluk Todolo an oiled kraut machine that is both introvert and explosive, with repetitive drum paterns and exorcized guitar- and bass licks. BURIAL HEX is one of the many outlets of Wisconsin’s Clay Ruby, whom you might know from Davenport (now The Second Family), Jex Thoth, The Zodiacs, Zodiac Mountain,... Burial Hex is his moniker for what he calls horror electronics. With a portmanteau full of effects, metal and cables he creates a musical short-circuiting between Popol Vuh and Maurizio Bianchi. Cosmic Industrial?

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