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02 Feb 08 00:00 |

KC Belgie,Hasselt


YXIMALLOO [jp] BLUES CONTROL [usa] LOS LLAMARADA [mex] KING DARVES [usa] STELLAR OM SOURCE [nl] Curated by Clint Simonson (De Stijl) & Laurent Cartuyvels (Veglia)


“oermuziek & het eksperiment, les extrêmes se touchent” (Surprieze 1970) Outsider muscians from Japan. We tend to like every single one of them. Naofumi Ishimura or YXIMALLOO is making weird musical melting pots ever since 1973. He self-released loads of tapes and cd’s (of which you can still order many on his myspace). Kitsch ‘unpop’ or electronic lo-fi industrial disco. Whatever… myspace “BLUES CONTROL might just be the missing link between Van Halen and Henry Flynt.” That’s what their label Holy Mountain is saying about them. Blues Control, from Queens NY, kinda differs from the usual noisers en psychers around. It’s not that they do not make noise or psych, they do both! Around their keyboard driven electronic space kraut (?) there’s a nicely smelling mist of all kinds of herbs and spices. Quite difficult to name this duo anything, but sometimes it makes us think of the cosmic heirs of the kraut bands of the late seventies. The kind that is one note away from being danceable. Well, why don’t we just bang our heads again like we’re used to… myspace KING DARVES, Much like a nice ass or a tasty meal, the appeal of the Kings’ music is direct and easy to understand. No one needs to refer to anything to ‘take it in’, which is a welcomed relief. His voice bellows a deep, rich and sweet smoke reminiscent of the pipe tobacco that old guy used to puff behind the dugout. And the great thing is—IT’S HIS. myspace LOS LAMARADAS’ exploding now supposedly revisions something like ‘Forming’ era Germs meet’s Brian Gregory era Cramps meets Earcom era Prats, and whether that is jive or not, it is surely the most exciting mexican spin since the debut blast of la revolucion de emiliano zapata. myspace Christelle Gualdi aka STELLAR OM SOURCE is a psychedelicious psych drone lady. After some really great collabs with people of NNCK , Embryo, The Skaters, Kuupuu and Uton, she’s on stage all by herself. After spending some months in the NY underground, she’s back and as fresh as she can be. myspace

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