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22 Sep 07 00:00 |

KC Belgie,Hasselt


MoHa! (NOR)


Genesis P-Orridge, the androgynous founder of PSYCHIC TV started the band in the early 80ies with Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Coil…) and Scottish punk Alex Fergusson (Alternative TV). throughout the years the band gathered an enourmous discography and a genuine cult status. Industrial, acid house, psych pop, spoken word, ambient, there’s no style or genre that Genesis and his mates didn’t do. In 2003 a refreshed new line-up of Psychic TV (first as PTV3) rose from their ashes and their recent album ‘Hell is Invisible… Heaven is Her/e’ gets critical acclaim in music press. “The rawness of punk and the beauty of psychedelia” (Velvetmusic) Genesis on Youtube TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR Trance rock combo “Trees, grass and stones” is a communal drone-prog-psych rock assemblage that had a key role in the Swedish underground at the end of the Sixties. Their performance at the 2005 kraakfestival was mysthical and now they’re back in full psych rock mode. Heavy psych monster with lots of scorching fuzzzzz. Highly recommended!!!!!! International Harvester op Youtube From New York and also very psychedelic is PSYCHIC ILLS. The Social Registry is their label on which they are in good company of Gang Gang Dance, Samara Lubelski and Blood On The Wall. With references to space- and drone rock, shoegaze and raw, primitive pop music, the band manifests itself as one of the contemporary rock bands you must have seen live. Psychic Ills video Hardcore free improv punk. That’s what the Danish duo YOKE & YOHS bring us since 2005. With a powerful bass sax (yes, you’re right if you’re thinking Borbetomagus) and pumping rhythm section, these two bring their own bland of what they call bøllerock over there. They are one of the projects of the art collective ‘yoyo oyoy’ that pulls the Danish alternative scene from obscurity. yoyooyoyoke&yohs CHRIS FORSYTH is the man behind Peeeseye (psi) and the Evolving Earlabel. Besides this and some side projects, one of them with guitar virtuoso/pianist/composer Ernesto Diaz-Infante, his spare time goes out to the exploration of the 12-string guitar. Think of a combination of Derek Bailey and the guitar scapes of Oren Ambarchi, but with an unpolished Forsyth beauty to it. evolving ear website “Dense psyche music with a special taste for everlasting madness and melodic doom”, that’s what their label Stilll thinks about the first album of BABILS. This Brussels based psych train has ex-Silksaw and Ultraphonist members in it, who now elaborate their love for psychedelic music trips in this new project. Ufo-guitars, obsessive bass licks, mutated trumpet sounds and above all Belgian! Babils myspace MOHA! hail from Norway. From the flowering improv scene in particular. It’s Anders Hana (Noxagt) and Morten Olsen (Ultralyd), you might also know from the N-Collective, that supports and promotes the adventurous Norse musicians. MoHa! combine powerful guitar noise, energetic drum fills and popping electronic filters. Their second album entitles ‘Norwegianism’ (Rune Grammofon) was released last may, but the telepathic jams of these dudes is something you have to see live. So, they are here. Don’t miss out. MoHa! myspace

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