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11 Aug 07 00:00 |


heavy psych monsters



SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE doesn’t need any explanation anymore, really. Chasny grew out to be one of the big names in the contemporary folk and psych scene. He created his own peculiar style of raga and drone folk. Live he keeps on changing, one time he’s the sensitive troubadour, on other occasions he appears to be an electric noise shaman. Last year the band toured as a power trio. This time he’s bringing his sweetheart Elisa Ambrogio (of Magick Markers fame). Six Organs video So Chasney said that he only wanted to play if we added BEAR BONES, LAY LOW to the bill. So with pleasure we did. This project of Ernesto Gonzalez, a Waterloo based geezer from Venezuela brings you the fuzzed-out powerdrone with vocals, loads of effects, hand drums, heavy psych guitar solo’s and spaced out tape loops. We can’t wait for his second offical vinyl release which will come out on the Not Not Fun label. A rising star in Belgian underground. Spread the word. Bear Bones @ Kraak fest ONDE is a psychedelic experiment that rose from the ashes of Noise Maker’s Fifes. Marc Wroblewski, Greg jacobs and Timo van Luijk are the core members of this band, but here they are joined by Argentinian drummer Marcelo Aguirre. This concert is the presentation of their debut album, which will be released somewhere in august. Af Ursin page

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