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21 Jul 07 00:00 |

Witte Zaal,Gent




MACHINEFABRIEK is an electro acoustic wizkid from Arnhem. With guitar and computer -and often also with other small instruments- this young Dutchman builds melancholic soundscapes, poetic drones or dreamy soundsculptures, whatever you want to call it ... On this occasion he will be joined by Soccer Committee. Machinefabriek website SOCCER COMMITTEE is Mariska Baars, a young dutch singer who plays with minimal songwriting. Vocals, guitar and silence are in a constant fight of who can draw the most attention. Recently Morc Records put out her first official album. On Salmonella we’re pleased to let her interfere with the Witte Zaal’s own peculiar silence. Soccer Committee myspace O.M.S.-N.M.A. is the project of Andy Eeckhaut in which he plays with experimental electronia, electro acoustic music, noise and dark ambient. His compositions are based on field recordings and modular analogue synthesis. Live there’s a big role for improvisation. o.m.s.-n.m.a. website GOGHAL is a young bloke from Ghent who likes to experiment with sounds, which leads him to harsh sound fuckery, pieces of powernoise and other synonyms for irritating laptop music fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=152739209” target=“parent”>Goghal myspace JEROEN VANDESANDE is a visual artist and played in several folk- and rock bands in the past. For his solo stuff he uses a varied palet of sounds ranging from digitally manipulated guitar drones to different kinds of samples and percussion. He also uses so called “game theory” in his work. Jeroen Vandesande myspace R.O.T. or: more sound improvisation, thought this time with a line-up of 3 to 6 musicians and with often self made or rebuild instruments, or alternative sound sources. Coincidence and space are extra band members. R.O.T. is an organic creature that always brings you spectacular sound experiences. Veglia website PUDDLE PARADE is a Utrecht based German girl. She makes a subtle mix of elektro acoustic experiment and minimal pop music. With Colleen she shares a love for nostalgic toy instruments, with Tara Jane O’Neil an obstinate structuring of songs and with The Microphones her sense of pop. And with you her songs ... Puddle Parade website [cooperation with Morc, Gipsy Sphinx, Odradek and Silken Tofu]

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