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14 Jul 07 00:00 |

Witte Zaal,Gent




RELIGIOUS KNIVES is Maya Miller, Michael Bernstein and Nate Nelson. Maya and Michael run the Heavy Tapes cassette and art label and have played over 100 improvised shows with New York Drone mainstays Double Leopards. Nate Nelson co-runs the Our Mouth label and plays with kings of brutality Mouthus. Religious Knives is an extended song-based trio who explore the finer points of the “now” - an elusive thing, at best. Transitioning from improvised noise to tight melodic inverted song forms, and back, Religious Knives evoke Goblin, Popul Vuh, and many other favorable comparisons amongst critics. Religious Knives op Youtube Taking its cue from the sound poetry of Henri Chopin and the pioneers of power electronics, AIRPORT WAR’s music is created through electronic feedback, voice manipulation, and signal processing. Airport War’s current set up is comprised entirely of two turntables. Airport War website CONGESTION NASALE is one of the projects of Yves Billet, one of the main men of the experimental scene in Liège, founder of the Young-Girls imprint, full-time boozer and performance lover. Armed with just a mic and a crappy casio he loves frightening people. as loud as possible. Young-girls blogspot LAP! are Bert Lezy and Mik Prims. Bert Lezy is a visual artists, and maybe better known as a painter or film maker. Prims is a living music database, royalty protector, circuit bender and improvisor. Together they are Lap!, bringing you experiments, improvisations with tape recorders and toys. Mik Prims website Bert Lezy fotopages [a cooperation with Morc, Gipsy Sphinx, Odradek and Silken Tofu]

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