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09 Jun 07 00:00 |

KC Vooruit,Gent

10 JAAR (K-RAA-K)3



On saturday June 9th, living legend Stephen Stapleton and his super band Nurse With Wound will be on stage, joined by that other living legend David Tibet. And if you think that’s not enough, we also have Jac Berrocal, Dan Warburton, Aki Onda and Dean Roberts here for you. 10 Years (K-RAA-K)³! NURSE WITH WOUND has to be one of the most legendary operative bands of the last couple of decades. NWW began as an exploration of a shared passion for krautrock, but quickly added elements from avant-garde jazz, minimalism, psychedlia, abstract industrial, surrealism,... The band gathered a true cult following from different sides of the musical spectrum, and with their eclectic approach became a junction for both different genres as well as different audiences. With a discography and live reputation to blow your mind , NWW is one of the most respected bands of recent music history. Their live gigs are scarce. One of them on our anniversary party! If there’s a trio of which you can say it’s extraordinary, it must be the one of JAC BERROCAL, AKI ONDA EN DAN WARBURTON. Jac Berrocal is one of the leading figures of the French avant-garde for years. As trumpet player, vocalist, or improv artist as you like, he’s been active since the seventies. Berrocal has a dadaistic view on music in which he combines jazz, rockabilly, punk and instant composition. Because of that he’s, in contrary to much of his peers, appreciated by both the literary as the pop audience. Aki Onda is a well respected Japanese musician. he once began as a producer and member of Audio Sports (with Eye Yamatsuka of Boredoms and Nobukazu Takemura), but became a real electronica wizard and tape manipulator. The in Paris residing Brit Dan Warburton studied violin and piano and got his doctorate in Composition at Eastman School of Music in New York. Later he became one of the more important music critics for The Wire and Signal To Noise, though he stayed an active musician that cooperated with improv icons as Greg Kelley, Tetuzi Akiyama, radu Malfatti,... These three blokes on one stage, will absolutely blow you away. When (K-RAA-K)3 still was a todler, the flourishing experimental scene in New-Zealand meant was a huge inspiration. DEAN ROBERTS became somewhat of a (K-RAA-K)3 homie over the years. Roberts worked with the likes of Tim Barnes, Charles Curtis, Matt Valentine, Giuseppe Ielasi..; a musical omnivore!

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